The Company

The Brogheresi Patrizia srl boasts about 30 years of experience in the specific sector of Packing for clothing and footwear in general.
Born from the Miss Patrizia Borgheresi's initiative, today the Company takes place as one of the leaders of this business.
In fact the consolidated customers of big national and worldwide realities, give credit to the Company for:

  • High quality,
  • strong productive capacity,
  • timeliness of deliveries.

To answer to the new and always different customers' requests, the Company is still evolving technically and structurally and it has done a strong selection of its own suppliers.
With our current potentiality, we provide to the most important international customers.
For them we make items for different needs with all kind of textile, synthetic materials or leather of all size, finish and personalization.
In addition we look after the delivery of our products all over the world.

Borgheresi Patrizia srl, Partita IVA: 01633480510